Standing up to save The Buckle !

I am East Sussex born and bred  and traced my family back 300 years before records ran out, but there were Bretts  documented in the  County before that and I believe my name came here with my ancestors in 1066!

After a lifetime teaching in secondary schools in London and elsewhere, I wanted to return to my roots in the beautiful South Downs countryside and be close to my childhood haunts and memories.

I  had a weekend job in a Seaford Coffee shop in the 1960s and friends who lived here (wonder where they all are now?) so choosing to move here less than 2 years ago  to the sea and the big skies with their stunning cloudscapes was not difficult. It has taken me a while to find my feet and work out what is going on here but people are friendly and chat everywhere you go.

I have learned so much about the sad state of local politics in the last month and this week have begun to attend meetings in the town to find out more about what goes on and why so many people are dissatisfied with the work of Seaford Town Council.  I attended a Planning Committee meeting where I was taken aback by the lack lustre response of the members to challenge anything the District Council might then reject, and asked for information as to how our Neighbourhood  Plan is progressing as we desperately need one and it is quite a long and involved process.

This lack is now highlighted as recently Lewes District council published its plans for building more homes in the area. Like many other residents I was concerned as we do not have a good infrastructure here to support more residents, especially as regards NHS provision. However when I heard about the plan so sell off  The Buckle car park for an ‘iconic boutique  apartment development’ and use the money to provide housing (some ‘affordable’ allegedly )…elsewhere in the district- I was  not impressed. This car park is the only one at the far end of the seafront where fisherman, surfers, canoeists, walkers, cyclists and users of the nearby Bishopstone railway station can park. It also has a recycling area and a public toilet used by tourists and residents alike

IFS began a petition to try to stop this  and with the paper petitions I and others have been circulating in the town this week we now have over 1000 signatures from all sectors of the Community.

There are so many other questions about what is going on here and I plan to attend the first full council meeting of my life on Thursday, but not until I have done my stint at the polling station and hoping all four candidates from Independents for Seaford will be elected.  Then we will see some local Councillors who will not sit back and let the town I have already come to love and enjoy be destroyed.

I’m for Seaford!                               Read more here:    twitter @ifseaford