Excess packaging goes mad in Sainsburys

For some years I have been buying packs of frozen berries from Sainsburys- great for desserts and more importantly putting into my morning porridge to make it more colourful and interesting as well as adding some vitamin C.

This week I was faced with a problem which made me really mad. The simple plastic bags are being replaced with …yes … a plastic box, a cellophane seal and a paperboard wrapper AND they take up twice the space in my freezer. So I cant stock up as no space. My initial complaint to @sainsburys resulted in a link to their packaging reduction policy #epicfail there twitter person so a spot of sarcasm resulted in an enquiry to the technical team.

It transpires that the new packaging is for quality control. What ? These berries are frozen they are not going to crush and if they did would taste just the same. Please don’t tell me customers have been asking for this??  If you have confess now please.

I have asked whether the same  boxes will be used for frozen peas but no response yet.

Plastic bag versus box and sleeve

Plastic bag versus box and sleeve

The cynic in me says wait for them to either  reduce the weight of the pack or increase the price to cover the cost of the excess packaging. In the meantime it is costing the earth and increasing the amount of plastic boxes going to landfill.


4 thoughts on “Excess packaging goes mad in Sainsburys

  1. I am totally with you on this one Chris! I too am very happy with the bags, no crushed fruit (and anyway, so what), perfect for cramming into a freezer as they bend to fit any available space. Unlike these new boxes and yet more plastic!. Sounds like Sainsbury have gone a bit mad. Personally, I am very fond of Lidl at the moment, being my nearest store, actually equidistant with a new big Waitrose but I favour the blue and yellow for the time being

  2. If you don’t like the packaging, do what they do in Germany. Take your own container, pay for the berries and then transfer at the checkout to your container. Leave the packaging on the checkout. They will soon catch on and reduce the packaging once they are paying to dispose of your waste.

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