Wasting Bread (Not) Packed lunch solution?


Bread is Britain’s most wasted food  32% of bread purchased by UK households is dumped when it could be eaten, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) figures show. 80 % of this is the cheap sliced white made by the Chorleywood method.

When I started my waste monitoring I was aware there would be one item going in the bin which I felt bad about. My partner rarely finishes his loaf (it being something I do not eat) and if there is a new one it went out to the birds. However in Seaford anything  like that put out  for birds is a signal for seagulls to descend and attracting them is the last thing we want.

Then light dawned. Since we have moved here and visited the café by The Martello Tower I discovered my partner loves bread pudding! Now even when I was a child and my dear Great Uncle Dennis made it this was something I never liked the texture of.  So there was my solution.  I froze the bread ends for a couple of weeks and used them to make the bread pudding. As I was using spelt  and rye bread  this is a very special bread pudding. However any old bread will do!

Recipe takes a mere 15 minutes to prepare plus the soaking time

Put the following in a large bowl

250g bread ends torn up      300g mixed dried fruit              1 heaped tsp mixed spice

Pour over   300ml milk and scrunch up the bread

Add 70g soft brown  sugar, 1 large beaten egg and the juice of a lemon (optional) , mix well and leave to soak for 30 minutes.

Finally add 50g melted butter, combine and press into a well oiled small roasting tin or square tin

Sprinkle with a table spoon of brown sugar.

Bake at  180 C /160 fan oven for 90 minutes until firm If it gets a bit brown cover with foil.

Let it cool before slicing into squares.

My first effort lasted all of 4 days…..

Now wouldn’t it be great if  lots of our left over bread could be made into bread pudding for packed lunches?  Maybe I should start a campaign….




5 thoughts on “Wasting Bread (Not) Packed lunch solution?

  1. Excellent solution Chris. There are only so many croutons and breadcrumbs one can bake and store! And of course, dried fruit is good for us all

  2. Italians make ‘polpette di pane’, stale bread soaked in a little milk then mixed with egg, parmesan, parsley and garlic to make fried (or baked) breadballs.
    I wouldn’t turn my nose up at that bread and butter pudding either!

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